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However, consistent with the developmental tasks of adolescence and early adulthood, when goals for intimacy, identity, sex and social status are assessed, intimacy and identity are the two most prominent goals for dating during adolescence and early adulthood [11].

To assess the importance of life goals and relationships, a specially designed Life Goals Scale was administered to 303 university students (200 women and 103 men).

In study 3 contextual factors (sex of initiator, alcohol availability, and partner knowledge) systematically influenced first date goals.

In this study of 87 young, unmarried couples (age 17 to 25 years), intimacy and identity dating goals were assessed to investigate couple similarity in goals, associations between personal goals and relationship behaviors, and whether goals and behavior were associated with relationship satisfaction.

Couples were similar in their intimacy goals but not their identity goals.

Men and women differed in first date goals in all three studies.

These goals highlight the importance of first dates as important relational events, and include multiple types of uncertainty reduction, in early relational stages.

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