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In China until the end of the Zhou (Chou) Dynasty (256 BCE), through China’s classical period, writing was done with a bamboo pen, with ink of soot, or lampblack upon slips of bamboo or wood, with wood being used mainly for short messages and bamboo for longer messages and for books.“Bamboo is cut into strips about 9 inches long and wide enough for a single column of characters.The burial chambers are filled with human and animal remains and enigmatic artifacts, including gold masks and Chinese silk dating back thousands of years.Some of the filming took place in these scientists’ labs and shows how we wove the evidence together to tell a story about the past,” Aldenderfer said.Though it sits near the centre of a provincial capital in a prosperous province of Vietnam, the community of Pho Ba has for more than 40 years been known locally as the place with “no electricity, no water, and no road.” In Rikubetsu, Hokkaido, where temperatures can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius in the long winter and 35 degrees Celsius in the short summer, it is necessary for buildings in this coldest town of Japan to accommodate these extreme weather conditions.To accommodate the increasing number of students as a result of an academic system reform, Yasumoto International Academic Park & Wu Ho Man Yuen Building were added to the existing campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

"Secrets Of The Sky Tombs" - The towering Himalayas were among the last places on Earth that humanity settled.

The towering Himalayas were among the last places on Earth that humanity settled.

Scaling sheer cliff sides, a team of daring scientists hunts for clues to how ancient people found their way into this forbidding landscape and adapted to survive the high altitude.

Letters on silk, dating possibly from Han times, have been found together with paper in a watchtower of a spur of the Great Wall. The emperor Chin’in Shih Huang [Qui Shi Huang] set himself the task of going over daily a hundred and twenty pounds of state documents. “The first step was probably a sort of paper or near-paper made of raw silk.

“But as the dynastic records of the time state, ’silk was too expensive and bamboo too heavy.’.

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Set along the shores of the Ganges River, this first-of-its-kind facility seeks to improve the capacity and ability of the weavers and will offer classes in business development in addition to providing a place to train the next generation of artisans.

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