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Some of us were not believers (I actually had just started my journey to skepticism) and would talk among ourselves about the obvious ploys in the show.The extreme followers of Buell were rabid in their belief, and Buell wanted to raid and take over our little corner of the internet because we were "spreading lies" about him.3- My favorite pig out food is: Chocolate chip cookies. It’s something that people didn’t find too surprising because of my personality and outrageous ways. 10- I’d give anything to: Raid Gwen Stefani’s closet and hang out with her for a day. 12- The worst part of my job is: No sleep, lots of waiting around, sometimes you run into some pretty crazy people. 14- The one thing I cannot stand in people is: Close minded, negative humans.

2- The last good movie I watched was: starring Sean Penn. 5- My favorite childhood memory is: Rummaging through my older brother’s CD collection and the excitement of creating mixed tapes. 8- My most major accomplishment: I’d say making it on TV.

The show was produced by Four Seasons Productions International and Go Go Luckey Productions (which produced MTV's Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County, and A&E's now-cancelled Rollergirls).

Gary Auerbach and Julie Auerbach (who head Go Go Luckey Productions) and Betsy Schechter (Four Seasons) were the executive producers.

"We may have information we don't give to [the PRS team]", Gazzerro said, "but we need to make sure [the episode is] produceable." Story arcs were also outlined for each "character" on the show, and the production team had publicly expressed its hope that a romantic relationship would develop between the research team leader Ryan Buell and one of the women on the series.

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Ryan Buell is best known for appearing on the hit A&E paranormal reality show "Paranormal State" with his paranormal research team, the Paranormal Research Society from December 2007 to May 2011.

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