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It's easy to forget that being a celebrity is actually way harder than most people think it is.

Strolling a red carpet in a fancy ball gown with your famous, hot boyfriend sounds like a total dream...

I’m also so lucky to have been able to give advice to girls around the world who have struggles with their sexuality or family. Follow Lauren: @1laurenrussell just this past summer where they lost bandmate Aimee Bessada, who decided to leave the band to pursue a solo career.

Although they didn’t win the record deal with Linda Perry, Kiyomi and Laura have continued to work with the producer on their new album, which they hope to release in the latter part of 2015.

Her experience in the psychology behind relationships has spawned her blog Devyn on Dating, an "online dating gospel" for advice on modern courtship.

She became engaged to Nathan Littlewood in October of 2015.

Lauren said she is a “more mature and focused person” now “who knows what she wants and is treating every day as a blessing.”“I have such a positive feeling about the show mainly because of the continued love from viewers,” she said.

At the party Chet sees Alex (Ryan’s model friend who lives in NYC) and starts to flirt with her.“Pretty much everything in my life has changed since the show,” Lauren said.“It seems like the only thing that is the same is my work — my jewelry line, Lyon.”Lauren moved from New York to LA in Season 3 but has been back in Brooklyn for close to two years.We wanted to be about getting offline, about having real experiences, meeting new people in the real world, not just sort of endlessly poking and winking online.” want people to connect in the real world, but that kind of connection baked into the How About We concept — singles can connect over date ideas posted on the service, while couples can find activities that they can do together.And the pair said they went out into the real world to promote the service initially, handing out fliers at the Brooklyn bar Union Hall and conducting man-on-the-street-style interviews.

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They’ve been on the road with Sick of Sarah for the past several months on their new Lady Killer Tour.

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