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Thomas Jefferson, for instance, wrote that the authors of the canonical Gospels were “ignorant, unlettered men” who laid “a groundwork of vulgar ignorance, of things impossible, of superstitions, fanaticisms, and fabrications.” He famously crafted his own Bible sans miracles.

And this brings us to a new study about the rise of “Nones,” Americans who profess no religious affiliation.

Many law and history professors and uninformed historical writers commonly assert that John Locke was a secular political writer or a deist.

Often, these claims are made without the logical effort of studying Locke or his writings directly.

Ethan Allen (best known as the leading Green Mountain Boy), the Universalist John Murray (perhaps less well known today than his protofeminist wife Judith Sargent Murray), and his chief opponent, Charles Chauncy, long pastor of the First Church of Boston and Universalism's greatest convert from orthodoxy.

In Mc Dermott's case, the "Miscellanies" entries during the 1740s and 1750s make possible a new reading of the great works of the Stockbridge period, including Freedom of the Will, Original Sin, and The End of Creation, as part of a concerted effort to respond to Thomas Paine and agnostic Robert Ingersoll as "once audacious voices of American atheism" and erroneously claims that Madalyn Murray O'Hair "introduced the first successful legal complaint against school prayer.

Several reason: first it was somewhat philosophically weak.

When historians refer to some of the Founding Fathers as “Deists,” it’s as if they’re talking about an extinct philosophy, like alchemy or phrenology.

Very few Americans go around describing themselves as Deists. A new study reveals that a rapidly growing number of Americans hold the belief system that used to be described as Deism.

Whenever discussions come up about the religion of America when it was first forming, I hear about how a decent number of them were Deists. Is there a modern movement that is trying to bring it back outside of a few Unitarian Universalists?

I understand what Deism is but I don't know why it vanished. I understand what Deism is but I don't know why it vanished.

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Trinity College analysts now conclude that None’s make up 15% of the population and that, given their rate of rapid growth, they might surpass the nation’s largest denominations.

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