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I gave her a quick peck on the cheek, Honey, Im home, our little joke.

She poured me three fingers of Mc Clellands Scotch on the rocks, set it on the table and said, Sit down Daddy and tell me about your day.

In this episode we chit chat about our weekend gathering with friends and spill some tea in our weekly Kim "Queery".

Also we talk to the Director of Operations for the new LGBTQ app due to release in September about his coming out story. In this episode we discuss our newest reality tv addiction, how Kim pokes fun around the house and then some juicy reality tv talk with the gorgeous couple gay couple Craig Ramsay & Brandon Liberati. In this episode we talk about Kim's mission to turn everything pink and reality tv.

Many of them have been married for several years, and they tried everything in sex and thought that nothing could awake their sexual relations any longer.

However on joining us they had a lot of new sexual feelings.

Bill grabbed her firm ass cheek, but the maid tossed his hand away, so he had to get up and teach this slut how to treat male visitors of the hotel.My Cicis something, shes eighteen, well she turns sixteen in a few days and she really is a sight to behold.Im six three, Cicis mother had been five eleven and Cici is catching up, shes already five nine. After a much needed break we have returned for more laughs and the SAME crazy antics you love the most!!! We ask some people about how they feel now that Trump is in office and they bring up VERY valid points!!In the first show of Season 3 we talk about things we wish people would leave behind...wait...still do some of these.(smh)We continue this heated debate on the future of our country lead by Donald Trump. Also, we discuss how we got on each other's last nerve and what has been up with Kim yelling in the.... In this show we have special guest Sam Provenzano to discuss his personal experience on the first ever gay reality bachelor show Finding Prince Charming.

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Pleasure turned in astonishment and then in fear, when his thick finger popped her cherry, but his strong hands didn\'t let her go until he has fully enjoyed her gorgeous flesh!

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