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Some persons listed might no longer be registered offenders and others might have been added.Some addresses or other data might no longer be current."How they were planning to cook it, I really don't know."They were probably planning to use a barbecue grill that was discovered by fire crews near the kennels.

The fire damage did not concern DOC officials so much as the coolers full of wild hog meat, stores of salt and flour, and knives and other tools which were evidence of feral hogs being trapped and butchered by prisoners at the minimum-security facility."These guys I guess just took it upon themselves to hunt these wild hogs," said HMCC Warden Bruce Howard.

Pushing to reduce prison overcrowding, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections has quietly changed its policies to give early releases to greater numbers of violent and sex offenders, according to agency documents obtained by Oklahoma Watch.

The department is doing so by relaxing policies that determine which types of inmates can receive early-release credits, when those credits can be given, and how many credits offenders can receive, corrections department records show.

Previously, for example, inmates convicted of violent or sex crimes, such as murder, robbery, or rape, who lost early-release credits because of “misconducts” in prison were not eligible for restored credits. These types of inmates are among the more than 1,500 offenders, convicted of violent or non-violent crimes, that the department has released since March using restored credits.

At least dozens of those prisoners have since been arrested for other crimes, including murder, bank robbery and sexual assault, according to a check of court and county-jail records in a sampling of counties.

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