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Mila is also a caring person, paying attention to the well-being of her rinkmates.However, she is a force to be reckoned with when provoked, as Yuri mentions that Mila had beaten up her ex-boyfriend when she discovered that he was cheating on her.

The couple first sparked relationship rumors when the mom-of-two was seen at several hockey games cheering on the 32-year-old athlete, who is also divorced and shares a son with his ex-wife.

Cry about it more." (Guy is diving); Where is your speedo?

I am a player that likes to chrip, but only when the other team starts it. You keep trying to lay down there." Randoms: You're a joke (insert clown phrase) Really? I skated over to him, looked up at him and pointing to the pep band, I said, "If you want to conduct the band, go up into the band section, otherwise get off the bench and be quiet." The players on his bench started laughing and the head coach, who was at the other end of the bench, walked over, looked up at him and told him to get down.

Yuri sometimes refers to Mila as "grandma" (or "old hag" in the English dub).

Despite often being annoyed by Mila, Yuri is quite trusting of her and is willing to follow her guidance.

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