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After a three-day festival themed wedding bash, Jamie Hince must be very relaxed on his two-week honeymoon with Kate Moss.

The duo is taking retail mogul Sir Phillip Green's million yacht, which they boarded soon after Kate stunned in a beaded John Galliano custom bridal gown and later jumped in a pool still dressed in the frock.

But it soon becomes obvious that, onstage, The Kills have come alive. Fever” forgoes its slow seduction in favour of thumping drums that could crack a hole in the roof.

Mosshart remains a bundle of electric cool, ferociously whipping her bleached hair into a mass of blonde over her face, while Hince’s fretwork still scorches. Pre-programmed rhythms have been replaced by real drums; synths have been added. “Hard Habit to Break”, from , takes its cue from a rattling drum beat to collapse in a frenzy of guitars.

No longer just a two-piece, everything is more: “Kissy Kissy”, a country blues roll from 2003, mutates into a squall of Velvet Underground guitars, Hince, legs apart straddling the monitors, shredding nonchalantly. There are defter touches, too: “That Love”, Mosshart solo at the guitar scoffing out the line “it’s over now/that love you’re in is a f**king joke” (I wonder who she is on about? The sexual frisson between the pair that made their earlier shows so supercharged has receded, and Hince, perhaps thankful to be onstage at all following reconstructive hand surgery, is all smiles rather than snarls.

‘I’m meeting up with Calvin in the US in September.’ ‘Oh, I always knew you two would end up together!

’ ‘Huh.’ It’s important to note here that Calvin and I have never been more than friends.

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Last September, I met up with my friend, Calvin, in the US.

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